3 key pillars

Our philosophy is Youth Work before Education. You get the youth work right, the education will follow.

We strive for excellence in all 3 areas of Education,
SEND and Youth Work to provide a holistic approach.

Youth work

Youth work promotes and support the development of our young people, enabling them to have voice and influence in, their education.


We are committed to providing outstanding support for students with SEND, tailored to consider individual needs and aspirations.
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We aim to ensure that our educational offer is tailored to meet the needs of each individual learner.
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Creating a stable foundation

We believe if you can provide young people with a stable base and healthy relationships then successful education will follow.

Breaking the cycle

Many young people that access our programmes come with Social Emotional Mental Health difficulties that are sometimes perceived as aggressive in its presentation. These deregulated moments have often led to exclusions in the past.

Really NEET’s ethos is that outward behaviour equals inward turmoil. Working with young people to get to the route of the emotion and supporting them to overcome it.