About Telford

Welcome to the Telford Change Programme

Our Telford Team are here to support you on your journey to reaching your goals at Really NEET, as well as your aspirations beyond the programme.

They are always there to encourage, mentor and support you.

The Change Programme offers you the chance to think about what you need from us to help you to achieve those goals and gain the tools that you will need along the way. Really NEET will give you some memorable and exciting experiences to help you to build on your confidence.

We would love for you to come and see how our Change Programme can support you.


  • NCFE Functional Skills: English (Entry Level 1 – Level 2)
  • NCFE Functional Skills: Maths (Entry Level 1 – Level 2)
  • The Arts Award (Bronze and Silver)


Home Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

We recognise that getting to and from college can be a barrier for some young people. We feel it is important that we offer our home pick-up and drop-off service to address this need. This crucial support is offered by our youth workers and tutors, to minimise travel anxiety.

Enrichment Activities

At Really NEET we place huge value on our enrichment activities to improve learner experience and self-confidence. Activities can include quad-biking, rock-climbing, bowling, football and experience days at zoos amongst other things. They are learner led, meaning that our learners decide what activities they undertake.


Learners will have an opportunity to take part in a 2-day residential at the end of the year. This is a night away from home to experience team-building activities and challenges that help to build confidence and resilience. Some learners opt out of this experience because it can feel overwhelming to be away from home. Whatever the decision, there is complete understanding, but the opportunity is offered to everyone to allow learners the option.


Daily lunches are ordered locally, with both hot and cold options available. There is always access to toast, cereal, fruit and other refreshments throughout the day.

Our Telford Team

Gemma Gaff

Change Leader

Charlie Houghton-Le-Chapple

English Mentor

Hannah Taylor

Offsite 1:1 Worker

Ellie Mapp

Pastoral Engagement Youth Worker

Carla Malhi

Offsite 1:1/2:1 Worker

Gurpreet Sidhu

Maths Tutor

Emma Davies

Alternative Assessment Lead and SEND Lead

What our learners say

People at Really NEET are approachable and help you with your problems


I like going out with the staff and seeing my mates. I like writing and completing my work now as it is fun


Really NEET is great. I have met a lot of new people and made some fabulous friends. The staff are really kind and understanding’


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