Youthwork and the Change Programme

By understanding that the young people who come to us often have complex challenges that require an individualised approach, we regularly review the inclusivity and accessibility of our programmes. Our young people come from a wide scope of backgrounds and cultures, and we celebrate this diversity, whilst assessing and accommodating needs.

Our Programme can offer experiential learning for our students and staff that: builds effective professional relationships, enables self-reflection, encourages personal growth, delivers social opportunities and ultimately leads to resilience and increased participation in the more formal education that will follow (Maths, English, Art)

We hope that this programme will not only support our people to find their GOLDEN THREADS but document the journey to their discovery too. Taking with them when they leave not only a sense of success and achievement but the tools to replicate this in other aspects of their Lives After Really NEET.

For Educators

Our Personal and Social Development workshops provide numerous opportunities for our young people to explore their own personal development in a structured and safe environment.
Youthwork for Educators

For Learners

Through both our Careers, Personal and Social development programme and Life After Really NEET programme, we will
 support you at every stage of your process.
Youthwork for Learners