The National Union of Students

Really NEET students are automatically members of The National Union of Students (NUS) and can participate in the union itself at a national level. Students can run for office, take part in elections, and ultimately have a platform for their voices. Student officers have access to their own budgets and can create societies and events for each other.

Life After Really NEET

Our Life After Really NEET program is based in the foundations of our Careers and PSD courses and is designed to allow our students to experience the real life scenarios and the topics worked through within them. Life After Really NEET uses the Preparation for Adulthood Framework to ensure we support all our students in their transitions to adulthood.

A Unique Approach

Our youth work approach enables us to really understand where a young person is at, developmentally, educationally, and physically and tailor the support they need to them. This support may take place at home, at an offsite location or within a group on the college site. Regardless of location, our aim is to build confidence and develop the skills required to access further education, employment opportunities or continue their educational journey to achieve their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

We understand that our students will need nurturing to re-engage with their educational journeys and our approach to this is youth work. Engaging our young people in experiential learning opportunities and taking time out to build strong relationships, enables our young people to trust us. This trust is the foundation of our young people’s re-engagement with Really NEET and ultimately their educational journey.

Fully Qualified

You will find professional youth workers at every site. Our youth workers come from varied backgrounds and bring a wealth of experiences from diverse settings across the children and young people’s workforce. All staff that join Really NEET will receive bespoke in-house youth work training and can access yout work qualifications.

Our youth workers have developed their skills in Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) enabling us to deliver sessions which explore the career, learning or work options available whilst considering an individual’s skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, qualifications and personal issues.

This enables our students to make informed choices about the options available to them. Our youth workers help to identify and break down any barriers that our learners might face along the way.

Grace Radford image

Grace Radford

PSD & Careers Lead

I’m Grace Radford, a professional youth
worker, with 20 years’ experience in youth and community work. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Really NEET for the past five years and find a home for my passion – youth work! I truly believe youth work is a vehicle for change across society as a whole and not just for young people – change a young person’s life today and they can change the world tomorrow.